Documents need for Withdrawal

We assume that you are aware of the policies in withdrawing your balance. But in addition for your safety and security purposes, we will require valid documents to be e-mailed to us for verification in order for Casino Jamboree to make sure that the balance to be withdrawn will go to the right person. Please send us following documentation taken by a digital camera (and not a scanner; we do not accept any documentation scanned by a scanner or trimmed by an edit software) via e-mail.

We will be requiring the following documents:

1. Valid ID with your photo and current address (ex. Driver license)
*If your ID doesn't show your photo and current address, please send us an additional document below. (#2)
2. Documentation showing your fullname, current address, and the date of issue, including the name of the company which issued the bill (ex. Utility bill, Bank statement etc.)
*The document should be issued within three months
3. Front and back copy of the Credit Card
*Only in the event that you have a Credit Card trancaction history.
4. A deposit confirmation document with your signature
*Only in the event that you have a Credit Card trancaction history, we will send a document via email upon your withdrawal request.
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